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Niven Jazz Collection: Chet Baker Tape 6 (1959-1964)

Internet Archive,


"From the David W. Niven Collection of Jazz History, a cassette recording from the Jazz artist Chet Baker, from the era of 1959-1964. Tape 6. Recorded with a TEAC AD-500 cassette deck, a desktop computer with a modern SoundBlaster sound card, and the audio recording program GoldWave. Each cassette was recorded to a single WAV-format file at 44100 kHz, 16-bit quality, to match the quality of CD-audio. Each resulting WAV file was split at the division between Side A and Side B of the cassette, in order to make it possible for each WAV file to fit on a single 80-minute CD. Side A I/1. Show Me I/2. Grown Accustomed To Her Face I/3. The Heather on The Hill I/4. On the Street Where You Live I/5. Almost Like Being in Love II/6. Well, You Needn't II/7. These Foolish Things II/8. Barbados Side B II/9. Star Eyes II/10. Over The Rainbow II/11. Pent Up House II/12. Ballata in Forma Di Blues II/13. Blues in The Closet III/14. I Wish You Love III/15. Touch of Your Lips III/16. Baby Breeze I. Riverside: Chet Baker Plays Lerner + Loewe 1959 II. Bluebird: The Italian Sessions Mar. 1, 1962 III. EmArcy CD: ""Chet Baker"" 1964-65"


ALTRI CONTRIBUTI : David W. Niven Jazz Collection
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