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Tower House Model

British Museum


This tower house model is 21cm high and made of limestone, handle a 3D print of it at the Sunken Cities exhibition: http://www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/exhibitions/sunken_cities.aspx
Collection online link: http://bit.ly/29xMJum
It represents a typical living house of the Late Period (664-332BC) in Ancient Egypt. One can see two entrance doors at the ground level and several windows in the upper floors as well as a roof terrace.
This type of the tower house evolved at the end of the Third Intermediate Period and continued to be in use in Egypt until Roman and even medieval times.
In the Middle East as for example the Yemen, Saudi-Arabia or the Oman tower houses quite similar to this model are still built and lived in nowadays:photo by Jialiang Gao
3D model by Thomas Flynn, Canon G7x + Agisoft


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