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L'Italie divisee en ses differens Etats dress d'apres les meilleurs Cartes appuyee sur les Observations Astromom'.



A beautiful example of Rizzi-Zannoni's 1770 two sheet decorative map of Italy. The upper sheet covers from Lake Geneva and the Venetian States south to include Rome, Corsica, and Capitana. Also includes the Gulf of Venice and the states of Dalmatia, Herzegovina and Murlaka. A large decorative cartouche featuring solar rays and numerous putti (little cherubs) appears in the upper right quadrant. The lower sheet covers from Naples south to include Sicily, Malta, Sardinia and parts of Tunisia and Algeria in north Africa. This map shows the Italian peninsula prior to its struggle for national solidarity which would emerge as a movement about 50 years later in the early 19th century. The peninsula is divided into numerous independent states, duchies, republics, kingdoms and, of course, the Papal States (States of the Church). Overall, a fine map of the region. Drawn by Rizzi-Zannoni in 1770 for issue as plate nos. 11-12 in Jean Lattre's 1776 issue of the Atlas Moderne .